Employer: Lincraft Dee Why

To whom it may concern,
I have used Steps Employment to help me fill a vacancy at my store (Lincraft Dee Why). The service has been second to none, I wish I had found this agency years ago.

The candidates are of high quality, and it appears that they have a great relationship with their case worker Sharna who shows a strong and thorough understanding of their abilities and strengths.
Since hiring one of their candidates, I have received continual follow ups and fantastic advice.
I intend to use their services wherever I work as I feel there is no need to look any further.

Kind Regards,

Matt Lindenberg
Store Manager
Lincraft Dee Why

Client: CB

My time with Steps Employment has been very fruitful. Sharna has been very helpful and understanding towards me and has been an excellent employment agent for me. Steps has helped me to get back into employment after many years without work due to my disability, and my difficulty with obtaining work and keeping jobs. It has been a great experience for me.

Client: BR

After spending a long time in hospital, and an even longer period out of the work force, I found it quite daunting when looking for work again. Steps Employment helped in a number of ways. They offered support and advice, as well as helping in practical ways like enrolling me in short courses in the area of my desired employment, working with me on my resume, and most importantly helping me look for and apply for jobs.
Sharna was an excellent case manager, offering me strong encouragement and sound advice, as well as all the practical support I needed to find my ideal job. Sharna worked with me on both my resume and cover letter, as well as spending a large amount of time helping me actually look for and apply for jobs. Sharna also offered me great support once I had actually found work. Sharna is a very kind and personable case manager, which made the process of finding work easier and more pleasant.
With the help of Steps and my case manager Sharna, I have been able to successfully find work and be happy and stable in my job, and am now about to start in a full time position in my chosen industry.

Employer: Bluesalt Catering

Steps and Sharna have gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping my company achieve new goals. I have been blown away by the level of dedication shown to myself and Bluesalt Catering and can’t thank you enough. Steps and Sharna are by far the most dependable, professional and dedicated team I have witnessed in Sydney in my 8 years here.

Client: CB

My time with STEPS can be described and outlined just briefly to commend such wonderful work from STEPS and help and support I’ve been given.

In the last few months I have come in leaps and bounds.

From just the beginning of January this year I was just coming out of a treatment centre in Bronte to help with my post traumatic stress, drugs and self esteem in the past. Since starting with STEPS (now 9 months down the track) I have a full-time job, and am being considered in tenancy applications for an apartment. During these last few months my EC has seen to it that I stay with people that would support me in this difficult time (even though I am sure that is well beyond and out of her range of job duty and responsibilities).

In conclusion I am more confident thanks to STEPS Employments' process and journey of recovering from low self esteem and tackling the employment market again. Especially with help with resumes and cover letters and prepping for interviews. I couldn't have gone this far without such fantastic support.
Thank you STEPS Employment
Yours graciously

Client: AD

STEPS Employment has been absolutely incredible and contributed significantly to helping me successfully find suitable employment. I have tried many different employment providers this past year, including WISE, Communicare, and MAX Employment. None of these agencies have come close to the dedication, effort, and results that STEPS has been able to achieve. My EC has shown patience, persistance and encouragement, and has offered support far beyond the role expected of any employment agent I've been linked to in the past. I am very grateful for all the assistance she has provided, and am indebted to STEPS.

Sincerely, and thanks again,