Employer Support Services

As an employer, have you noticed any of the following in your staff?

  • Consistent late arrivals or frequent absences

  • Low morale

  • Lack of cooperation or a general inability to work with colleagues

  • Decreased productivity

  • Increased accidents or safety problems

  • Frequent complaints of fatigue or unexplained pains

  • Problems concentrating, making decisions, or remembering things

  • Making excuses for missed deadlines or poor work

  • Decreased interest or involvement in one’s work


People who experience these problems may simply be having a bad day or week, or may be working through a difficult time in their lives. A pattern that continues for a longer period may, however, may indicate an underlying mental illness.

Employees in every industry will be affected, directly or indirectly, by a mental illness problem at some point in their career.

Around 1 in 5 Australians experience a mental illness every year. There is an impact on families, friends and work colleagues too.



Since 1989 STEPS Employment has been assisting individuals with barriers return to the work place, and to gain and maintain sustainable employment in the open job market.

For employers that have vacancies we offer free recruitment services, wage subsidies and fortnightly post placement support – or as frequently as needed. Once a client secures employment, STEPS provides an on-going support program to ensure clients are able to maintain and manage their work load in order to secure a long term outcome.

Employers who have current staff they think may benefit from our program can contact us and make use of our services as a direct referral.

Clients who join the STEPS program are assigned an Employment Counsellor, working on a one–on-one basis to address issues relating to maintaining employment.

Clients are able to access our STEPS program through direct registration or through a Centrelink referral.

For more information or to register your company’s vacancies contact 02 9415 1301